Catriona Chalmers Takeuchi

Nuthouse Education

Teacher of Young Learners, teacher- trainer, freelance writer and editor.


Gender and Climate Change

SIG Forum
Sun, Jun 21, 13:30-14:50 JST

The solutions to the climate emergency require input from a diverse mix of people as not fully utilizing talents will lead to further problems. Women will be affected more severely as a result of climate change with UN figures indicating that up to 80% of displaced people will be women. This forum examines issues related to gender and the environment both within Japan and globally. Brent Simmonds will discuss the role of female, youth climate activists including Greta Thunberg and Eva Tolage and demonstrate a classroom research project in which students discuss what they can do to solve problems in the present climate emergency. Jennie Roloff Rothman will focus on using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote equality and sustainability. Catriona Takeuchi will talk about bringing global issues narratives into the classroom. Finally, Mark Brierley will highlight issues of gender, environmental degradation, and food supply using European and American near-future science fiction movies, in particular, the 1973 dystopia, Soylent Green.