Bruce Lander

Matsuyama University

Bruce Lander teaches in the graduate school of Language and Communication at Matsuyama University, Ehime, Japan. He has been a teacher for almost 20 years, most of which in Japan. Bruce researches on the wider theme of blended learning and the use of technology in education, he now focuses his attention on helping others to learn about the benefits technology can provide through various professional development projects. His other research areas include, Formative Assessment, Lesson Study the Japanese based PD approach and Intercultural Communication.


Intercultural Communication and Mobility

For the PanSIG 2020's forum, the ICLE SIG united forces with the Study Abroad SIG and will discuss intercultural communication and mobility. We believe that the challenge of communication with people from different backgrounds is even more enhanced when working or studying with people from different cultures and in various contexts. The majority of students go abroad without sufficient intercultural preparation. How can we, as teachers, prepare students for dealing with this intercultural communication challenge? Some of the topics will include: • Best practices in study abroad • Study abroad risk management • Effectiveness of study abroad • Cultural differences in intercultural communication • Developing intercultural competence We will begin with Roxana Sandu, followed by Najma Janjua and then Bruce Lander and Kaori. We will then do some Q&A and finish with Daniel Velasco's video at