Sessions / Performance in Education

Lights, Camera, Action: Showcasing Student Work #154

Sat, Jun 20, 10:30-11:05 JST | Zoom G

A film-making project not only allows students to practice language skills, but also leads to a final product, one which has creative value to students and the world (Ford & Kluge 2015). Performance in Education proponents, Newmann and Wehlage (1995, p. 14), state that having students share their accomplishments with wider audiences through “outside” performance is a necessary step for what they call “authentic pedagogy.” The distribution phase is an essential aspect of the film-making process that provides great opportunities for the authentic performance of their product, but these works often get left in the dark. This presentation is aimed toward for teachers interested in film-making or interested in having their students take a more active role in the final stage by promoting and showcasing their films outside of the classroom or by participating in film festivals or contests. The presentation will detail the activities of English language students in a film-making course as they prepared to showcase their films at a school event and describe the development of an upcoming international student film festival, contest, and symposium for English language teachers and students to be held in Nagoya. Discussion on student films and other showcasing activities will follow.

Modals meet Medicine in a Roleplay #156

Sat, Jun 20, 11:15-11:50 JST | Zoom G

Roleplay and simulation are considered effective teaching strategies not only in the realm of EFL (Winston, 2013; Chang, 2013; Piazzoli, 2011; Stinson & Freebody, 2010) but also in the field of medical, nursing, and care training (Gotwals & Yeager, 2014; Unsworth, Tuffnell & Platt, 2013; Hogan, Kapralos, Cristancho, Finney & Dubrowski, 2011). This presentation will explain how the presenter used roleplay in a General English course for students majoring in nursing. A review of the existing literature in this field will be followed by an explanation of the context of the course and the learning objectives of the activity. This will be followed by a step-by-step description of the procedure and the material used in the roleplay. The participants will also get an opportunity to participate in and get a hands-on experience of one of the roleplays mentioned in the presentation.

Performance in Education #155

Sat, Jun 20, 13:30-14:50 JST | Zoom G

The Performance in Education (PIE) SIG Forum will be a panel discussion on the various facets of Performance in Education. The panellists will discuss topics such as their reasons for choosing a performance-assisted or performance-based pedagogy, some examples of successful classroom activities, potential challenges in using these activities, tips for beginners, and their thoughts on performance in education in the time of Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The panel will feature PIE practitioners who specialize in various genres of PIE activities such as roleplay, improvisation, public speaking, debate, discussion, process drama, readers theatre, living newspapers, oral interpretation, radio drama, radio show, film, music and rap, and kamishibai.